Editorial Policy

Directarts is an information medium aimed at a public linked to the arts, be they professionals in the field or merely interested in the arts.
Directarts is a quarterly magazine guided by the ethical principles of rigour and editorial creativity, free of any ideological, political or economic influences.
Directarts respects the constitutional rights and duties of freedom of expression and information.
Directarts is committed to providing information of interest to the arts community as a whole, exploring an array of areas within the arts, meeting the expectations of a diverse audience.
Directarts complies with the press law and the editorial policy guidelines defined by its management.
Directarts applies journalistic ethical principles of accuracy and impartiality in order to respect all opinions and beliefs.
Directarts is solely liable before its readers, in a rigorous and transparent relationship, free from political or private interests and/or influences.
Directarts values each journalistic piece based exclusively on its artistic merits, and not its possible political, social or economic impact.
Directarts follows ethical principles of journalistic rigour, impartiality, honesty and respect for all the artwork and artists it divulges.

Technical Information for Print:
Size: 220mm x 300mm - Approximately 100 pages plus cover.

Paper stock :
Cover - 300g Couché coated semi-matt  (450mm x 300mm).
Interior - 150g Couché coated semi-matt (300mm x 220mm). 

Printing: Full colour 4/4 throughout.
Binding: Perfect binding.

Finishing: Matt laminate on exterior covers.

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DIRECTARTS is published in Lisbon, Portugal by:
CMAD – Centro de Media Arte e Design, Lda.

Carlos Duarte

Editorial Director
Raquel Vilhena

Production Manager
Graça Romano

Art Director
Ana Serra

Features Editor
Catarina Vilar


Online Coordinator
Nelson Leão

Online Management
Carlos Pinto


International Distribution
Pineapple Media Ltd 172
Northern Parade Hilsea, Portsmouth,
Hampshire, PO2 9LT,
United Kingdom

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